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The 8th IVI RMA Congress will once again be planned and organized on the basis of sustainability, with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint to the maximum and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the local environment in which the Congress takes place, in this case Mallorca. We continue to be firmly committed to the rational use of resources, respecting the environment and human Rights.

Why are we so committed to Sustainability?

Our commitment to sustainability is based on our values and the responsibility we feel to both the present and the future of our patients, the environment, the scientific community, and society as a whole. The current global situation, at the social and environmental level, requires companies, and in this case medical-scientific companies, to help preserve the ecological balance of our planet, to respect human rights, and to promote diversity in all of its forms.

The 8th IVI RMA Congress is organized with this commitment in mind, and this is specified in the convention’s Strategic Sustainability and CSR program, which includes the environmental, social and ethical priorities identified in a process of strategic reflection with different interest groups.

Although every year we innovate and take a step further in our social and environmental commitment, we have some guidelines that govern our activity on matters of sustainability. In the following video, you can see a sample of how this worked at the 2017 IVI RMA Sustainable Congress:

Key Issues of the 2019 Sustainable Congress

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The sustainability of the IVI RMA Congress is based on four fundamental pillars:
  • Circular economy: This primarily concerns reducing waste, encouraging recycling and investing in products manufactured under sustainability criteria.
  • Climate change: The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the efficient use of energy and renewable resources at the location and during the convention’s activities, as well as the promotion of non-motorized mobility, and the involvement of participants in actions that offset emissions.
  • Natural Resources and local production: Here, we seek to promote the proper management of water resources and the prevention of food waste, in addition to encouraging the consumption of local foods.
  • People: The Congress is planned on the basis of social and sustainability criteria, and the positive impact is increased by including suppliers in this Sustainability Plan, and promoting their fulfilment of the obligations contained therein.

Strategic Development Goals

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This year we are innovating again, and we join the global struggle of businesses, the international community and civil society in our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Most of the challenges and proposals for action on global sustainability are described in the SDGs. Launched in 2015 by the UN, the SDGs provide a framework of inspiration for collective action. They will serve as a guide in planning the IVI RMA Congress, establishing priorities and promoting action. All of the objectives are interconnected, and IVI RMA will use them as a compass to mobilize social and environmental change with the Congress.

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